There are tons of ways to create a website for your personal or for business use. In this post, we’re going to show you the basic essential steps on how to create a website:

  1. Research for a good domain name registration and web hosting service.
    Before reserving that domain and availing from that web host, you better research first for reviews regarding how they serve their clients. You can do that by googling their name with the word “reviews” after it.
  2. Think twice for the domain name you would like to reserve.
    After deciding on which domain name and web hosting provider you would be availing from soon, it’s now time to think for the best domain name for your website. Your domain name should represent you as an individual. If it’s for your business, then your business name should be part of your domain name. Some business owners prefer to have general domain names like “” or “”. That’s cool too, as long as it represents your business (and it’s available, of course).
  3. Reserve that domain name and avail that web hosting plan.
    Some companies can provide you with the bundle, but you can also opt to purchase from separate companies. Here at, we do the latter.
  4. Start designing your website.
    After having your web hosting account activated, it’s now time to create your web design. Unleash your creative side on this step. For corporate websites, we suggest a simple yet classy user interface. Some website owners like their websites to be rich in color — and that’s okay too since¬†creativity is limitless.
    Currently, we do not have tutorials on how to design and code your website. But with the help of a trusted web designer (like us!), we’re sure you’ll achieve the design that you want.
  5. Fill your website with good content.
    Write the appropriate contents for your website. You can start on the basic pages and then the blog. For a start, 3-5 blog posts is okay. Images also play a huge part in conveying your message to readers.
  6. Pump up your website with SEO.
    Now that your website design and content is ready, it’s now time to make it rank on search engines. Unless you do not want public website traffic, you must treat this as a crucial part on having and maintaining a website.
    SEO or search engine optimization is the continuous process of gearing a website up to be easily indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. It involves modifying the code and the contents. Sounds complicated right? Because it is.
    Currently, we do not have tutorials on how to SEO, but with the help of an SEO service provider (like us!), you’ll surely get your website rank in search engine results.

As you have read, website-making is a fairly complicated process. You can do it by yourself but you need to consider the energy and time you will be spending for it.

Why not hire a web designer for your website? Here at Webdesignservices.PH, we’ll be happy to help. Just ask us for our pricing or contact us for a quote.

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